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Episode 249 – Genital Sacrament

What starts out as a look at what it takes to make it onto a television miniseries, turns into a look into the life of someone who suffers from high arches… emphasis on suffers. Our good friend David from All Things Z joins us to talk about his new project for Amazon, life as a pirate, hunting gun store owners and avoiding the pitfalls of avoiding fame.

Episode 243 – Gravy Scab

Part two of the pitch meeting for our brand new TV show. The Sandwich Detective (Copyright Notanotherpodcast Media) Dan has poked his head out of quarantine, and we’re talking sandwiches before things go horrible wrong when Jim tells a tale from his drinking days about trying to make food when hammered. A new Audio Drama is born from a past episode.

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Episode 242 – Chill and Half-Hearted

We’re all in lock down as the Coronavirus does it’s thing, and we’re wondering what the repurcussions of all this isolation will be. And then, things took a weird turn when Big Jim admits to having eaten a co worker’s food. not once, Not twice but many many times.

Also, HUGE shout out to our very first Patreon subscriber: Drew! You are the wind in our trees, the chocolate in our peanut butter, the bubbles in our bath. Thank you kind sir. More glory is coming your way soon… when we figure out how.

Episode 237 – A Good Conversation

Depending on yout point of view. We got the folks from All Things Z with us to talk about a strange interview they had recently. We then go on to talk about the changes being made at YouTube, and how it affects content providers before someone falls asleep and begins snoring… Who is snoring???

Episode 225 – Holes and Twatson

The President is in some real hotwater, and Travis Box is back to help make heads or tails of all the news. Danny Samantha and James are eager little learners, until Travis introduces a special political pundent, and Samantha introduces a very unique Private detective. I smell a buddy cop movie.

Episode 206 – Butt Stuff

So this week, Samantha is dealing with High School level drama, and Danny and James are helping her navigate these very dangerous waters. James has neighbor issues that have left him scarred. With all the cool music biopics out there, James is wondering what bands or artists should get movies next.

Episode 204 – It’s not laziness, It’s Procrastination

Samantha and James both love to write, but they actually love avoiding writing more. The two of them discuss all the things it takes to come up with and write a good story and all the ways they can avoid writing a single word. Samantha has really good advice for aspiring authors too.

Episode 203 – The problem with gaming these days

We’re going way back with the two guys who started this whole thing. James and Brice flying together once again and talking about one of their passions. Video gaming. the guys talk about what games they love, and how to make them better as well as fixing exsisting games. Then the conversation inevitably turns to… Individual Number One. Sorry.

Episode 201 – Turductopus

In this episode we once again start talking about our President, and then we start discussin the border issue, and then Flat Earthers, and then… something very strange happens. We sort of prove Flat Earthers right. We didn’t mean to do it, it just sort of happened, and then… you won’t believe this, but we came up with probably the most horrifying thing ever… The TURDUCTOPUS!

SPECIAL – Island of Misfit Toys Day 5

The Island of Misfit toys is a program on AM860 KPAM Monday Nov 26 – Friday Nov. 30th. It is hosted by James of Not another Podcast, along with a very cool guy named Travis. They are working to help support tha families of veterans. Here is some of what went on on Friday. Big thanks to everyone who listened and everyone who could help. we could not have pulled this off without all of you!

SPECIAL – Island of Misfit Toys Day 4

The Island of Misfit toys is a program on AM860 KPAM Monday Nov 26 – Friday Nov. 30th. It is hosted by James of Not another Podcast, along with a very cool guy named Travis. They are working to help support tha families of veterans. Here is some of what went on on Thursday

SPECIAL – Island of Misfit Toys Day 3

The Island of Misfit toys is a program on AM860 KPAM Monday Nov 26 – Friday Nov. 30th. It is hosted by James of Not another Podcast, along with a very cool guy named Travis. They are working to help support tha families of veterans. Here is some of what went on on Wednesday

SPECIAL – Island of Misfit Toys Day 2

The Island of Misfit toys is a program on AM860 KPAM Monday Nov 26 – Friday Nov. 30th. It is hosted by James of Not another Podcast, along with a very cool guy named Travis. They are working to help support tha families of veterans. Here is some of what went on on Tuesday

SPECIAL – Island of Misfit Toys Day 1

The Island of Misfit toys is a program on AM860 KPAM Monday Nov 26 – Friday Nov. 30th. It is hosted by James of Not another Podcast, along with a very cool guy named Travis. They are working to help support tha families of veterans. Here is some of what went on on Monday

Episode 199- I’ll Take The Small One

BRICE IS BACK!, and the conversation takes on many turns. It’s clear we don’t really prepare for any of this. However, we do come up with a few merchandise ideas that are haunting, and kind of cool… in a horrible sort of way.

Episode 197 – Furry Packages and Poochiladas

Ok kids, I can’t even begin to figure out how to describe what happened. We got the folks from YouTube’s All Things Z on to talk about puppetry, creating something poignant and relatable and posting on YouTube. Then we got to talk with the characters, and that’s when things went sideways in the best possible way. Enjoy this, and then got over to YouTube and check it out for yourself.


Episode 196 – Bookmark That Pic

Samantha is fresh off another stage show, and this one was something spectacular. Samantha tells the guys all about the process from casting to writing to gaining a director, to baring it all. What makes a halloween costume innappropriate, and why does it need to be a thing in the first place?

Episode 195 – Nanobot Fleshlight

Big Jim is back… which is great because Samantha bailed. Something about a non dress rehearshal… who knows, we weren’t listening. But Jim is back, and that means the discussion gets SEXY! That’s right we’re talking the sexual preferences of superheros! Is Batman really gay? Do Tony Stark’s nanobots service him in his suit? Is Captain America a missionary only man? Also, what’s it going to take to put this country back on the right track?

Episode 194 – Truth Booger

It was a pretty big week, and Samantha James and Danny try and break it down and make sense of it all. That is before trying to invent a new 12 step program for politics, and then figuring out a new subliminal tape and finally discovery why certain people sniff so much. They’re trying to keep in their truth booger.

Episode 193 – His Erection Is Confused

James Samantha and Danny are back again and this time they’re discussing the possibility of becoming part of their fandoms. Comics, movies, television and books. What would they do and why that fandom appeals to them. Look, it was either this or politics, what do you want from us?

Episode 189 – I’m Not Hard, You’re Hard

What is happening to our country? These idiots think they know. Samantha Brice, Danny and James discuss some happening that currently hold their attention as they realize that in a weird way, they are a media outlet. Danny wants video of Samantha’s upcoming play because there’s nudity.

Episode 188 – We’ve Got Episodes

James Had some issues with people who can’t grow up. Samantha really wants to plan a road trip through America’s dirtiest named cities and Danny and James think they have the perfect route. The Cheeto in Chief is at it again

Episode 187 – The Show That Got Really Weird

We all blame Brice. His first show back and things just took a weird turn. i don’t even know how to describe it. One minute things were fine, and then we started talking about sex toys and then for some reason, Brice and Samantha could no longer her James and Danny. It was… It was just really weird.

Episode 185 – The Show You Weren’t meant To Hear

Once again, the Internet is trying to prevent us from communicating and it’s no wonder given the main topic of discussion. The Incredibles are murderers. Big Jim brings to attention the death toll in the Incredibles and Jams and Samantha help to show how horrible those superheroes are.

Episode 183- Blood and Glitter

With the situation we’re in, it isn’t out of the realm of possibilities that the world could end. With that in mind, we thought it would be interesting to see how members of Not Another Podcast would survive nuclear fallout. What happened shouldn’t have surprised anyone, but Danny, Big Jim, Samantha and James ended up building a new society. We’re sorry.

Episode 182 – Had a cool title, but forgot it.

So there’s a lot of stuff happening in our world, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by it, and begin to feel hopeless. This episode we exp;ore it, and give another message to our high school listeners. Also, Big Jim decided to join us!

Episode 181 – Carnage and Ice Cream

This one’s a little outside the norm here. We’ve all got issues, and on this episode, we establish a safe place to vent and discuss all of our problems, and ways that not only those on the show, but those who listen can finds ways to deal with our frustration and our pain so we can be the best we can be. Then big Jim shows us all that you can change and you can be better but you have to make the effort. We’re all so proud of him!

Sorry to be a downer, but we all need help sometime. Don’t be afraid, and don’t give up.

OR TEXT ‘273TALK’ TO 839863

Episode 180- Delayed… Reactions

So, it wouldn’t be a Not Another podcast episode without technical glitches, and this time… it’s a delay. Jim and Samantha are roughly ten seconds behind Danny and James, which leads to some pretty awkward pauses and laughs.

Episode 177 – SHUT UP I Wanna Hear This

The show kicks off with it’s normal absurdity with the group discussing their favorite childhood movies, and Brice’s kid chime in clearly upset by it all and then takes a turn for the sexy when Samantha reveals that she’s starring in a new play. Also… Hurkamur debuts a brand new song courtesy of James and Danny.


Together again, and kind of peeved about cultural insensitivity and the ongoing gun debate. Together Jim, Danny, Brice, Samantha and James lead the conversation that should be happening everywhere, and show how it can be done.

Episode 174- These Are Your Friends

Almost everyone’s back together and it doesn’t take long before chaos ensues. From Goiters and Stand up comedy to why someone can be the worst person they can be. It’s pretty much all covered here.

Episode 172 – We’re Sorry For Ourselves

What starts as an innocent game of Marry Fuck Kill turns into what can only be described as a joke fight to the death. Seriously, were we all drunk or something?

Episode 171- Who Are You

It’s an age old question that we should constantly be asking ourselves, and in this episode, we dive into who we think we are. WARNING… This episode is kind of therapy-esque and may not be for the faint of heart.

Episode 170 – Stomach Cramps In Seattle

Jim and Samantha are on with Danny and James, and things get really heated when they all try to title the episode.  James poses a question that gives rise to a new supervillian. Everybody wants to be in movies

Episode 169 – Whiny Little Bitch

Samantha reviewed a book, and apparently it’s something she does often. Who knew? But she’s surprisingly insightful. Then… Star Wars.

Here’s where you can see Samantha be all smart and stuff…

Episode 165 – Education is REAL Power

Brice is back, and he’s bringing knowledge. The topic turns to education and the guys examine how it’s changed and what matters most as well as teachers who inspire and engage students vs those who could care less

special double episodes

Hey friends…

So we’ve recorded for the last two weeks, and for the last two weeks Samantha’s computer has been less than cooperative. As a result, we haven’t had her audio. So we’re posting these episodes. Samantha is there, though you might have to strain to hear her. If and when she gets her audio to us, we’ll repost. in the meantime…

episode 162 – Goes in crying, comes out screaming

Halloween is upon us, and things got kind of creepy in the first half of the show. Samantha thinks there should be a reward for naming the show, and then Dan names the show and everyone thinks he should be punished. Everyone’s worried about what’s happening in our government, but everyone is tired about worrying about what’s happening in our government.

Episode 161 – Paging Dr. Dan, Love Doctor

This episode is all about relationships and the ins and outs. Danny provides some serious insight into the scary world of dating and marriage and being a good partner

Episode 160 – This is Halloween

James and Dan discuss the most wonderful holiday ever invented. James had quite the adventure at an event that he’s bursting to talk about, and Dan has made a list of horror movies and rated them. James has a few problems with the list.

Big Jim is preparing for his return to stage, but in the meantime, he’s also providing voices for The World Famous Frank Show. Take a listen.

Episode 159 – Can We just take a moment to think

This week, a Face book video, which you can see here – – Got us talking once again abut the contradictions in modern religion. The show is once again filled with insight and interesting questions about how we understand religion, and mankind.

Episode 157 – The Sound Of Stephen Hawking Finishing

James interviews the band Hurkamur to find out how they got together, and how they create such amazing songs. Stick around for the end and you can here the song “Lucky 7s” by Hurkamur.

Episode 156 – Angry Nerds

Brice has joined Dan and James and they are loving wher Game of Thrones is going this season. Then Big Jim stops in and it gets heated. I mean knock down drag out NERD battle. So, you know, lame insults snorting and dice rolling mad! The first ever episode of Angry Nerds is here. This week… Jason Voorheis and the Friday The Thirteenth series.

Episode 154 – Is Betty White In Danger?

It’s a full Skype! Samantha, Big Jim on the East coast, Brand new Papa Brice, James and Ludite Dan on the west… hence the technical difficulties. We’re wondering again, how far would you be willing to go to find the truth? It’s summer, so Big Jim is thinking about new ways to cook his summer meat. And James is going to jail. Big Jim ends the show with a pretty epic mic drop!