Episode 133 – It’s All Jim’s Fault


The guys have survive Snowpocageddeon 2016, and James and Brice want to know why Jim took all the mojo when he left Portland. Jim leads the guys in a discussion about how hard it’s become finding the perfect gift. James saw Rogue One and can’t talk about how awesome it is because Brice and Jim haven’t seen it yet.

Episode 132- 4 Obiecious!


Brice is out, and as we promised we stay far far away from politics. Instead this week you can hear about how devious Big Jim’s lady is, and how truly childlike Jim is. Also, James and Jim explore the most epic amusement park ever imagined… because they’re imagining it. And Jim tries to pitch it to you, the listener.

Episode 129 – The Lunchables of Podcasts


Our very good friend Danny Hettum of Hurkamur joins James and brice to break down how Trump’s campaign is crumbling, what Hilary needs to do to defeat Trump, How this election cycle has really shown a light on how corrupt the system has become, Mexican podcasts, the creative process and making a heavy metal album in 2016.

Episode 126 – Sometimes you gotta fight the MAN.


For the first time ever, Brice is calling the shots, and this show NEVER sounded better. Big Jim offers his condolences on Brice’s recent loss, and the two discuss grief before Jim relives the utter torture he went through at the hands of his own wisdom teeth. Jim also recounts how he stood up for himself at his new job and how it may or may not have worked out for him.

Episode 125 – Just your regular drivel

Brice and James poke fun and a few holes in Trumps campaign and wonder if he got Montazuma’s Revenge after his visit to Mexico. But after that, they get into the complete and utter failure of Steam’s No Man’s Sky and why Star Citizen is the superior game even though it isn’t out. Also, some Star Wars theories are explored.