Episode 182 – Had a cool title, but forgot it.


So there’s a lot of stuff happening in our world, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by it, and begin to feel hopeless. This episode we exp;ore it, and give another message to our high school listeners. Also, Big Jim decided to join us!

Episode 181 – Carnage and Ice Cream


This one’s a little outside the norm here. We’ve all got issues, and on this episode, we establish a safe place to vent and discuss all of our problems, and ways that not only those on the show, but those who listen can finds ways to deal with our frustration and our pain so we can be the best we can be. Then big Jim shows us all that you can change and you can be better but you have to make the effort. We’re all so proud of him!

Sorry to be a downer, but we all need help sometime. Don’t be afraid, and don’t give up.

OR TEXT ‘273TALK’ TO 839863

Episode 177 – SHUT UP I Wanna Hear This


The show kicks off with it’s normal absurdity with the group discussing their favorite childhood movies, and Brice’s kid chime in clearly upset by it all and then takes a turn for the sexy when Samantha reveals that she’s starring in a new play. Also… Hurkamur debuts a brand new song courtesy of James and Danny.

Episode 169 – Whiny Little Bitch


Samantha reviewed a book, and apparently it’s something she does often. Who knew? But she’s surprisingly insightful. Then… Star Wars.

Here’s where you can see Samantha be all smart and stuff…¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_CH5LrRvVM&feature=youtu.be

special double episodes


Hey friends…

So we’ve recorded for the last two weeks, and for the last two weeks Samantha’s computer has been less than cooperative. As a result, we haven’t had her audio. So we’re posting these episodes. Samantha is there, though you might have to strain to hear her. If and when she gets her audio to us, we’ll repost. in the meantime…

episode 162 – Goes in crying, comes out screaming


Halloween is upon us, and things got kind of creepy in the first half of the show. Samantha thinks there should be a reward for naming the show, and then Dan names the show and everyone thinks he should be punished. Everyone’s worried about what’s happening in our government, but everyone is tired about worrying about what’s happening in our government.

Episode 160 – This is Halloween


James and Dan discuss the most wonderful holiday ever invented. James had quite the adventure at an event that he’s bursting to talk about, and Dan has made a list of horror movies and rated them. James has a few problems with the list.

Big Jim is preparing for his return to stage, but in the meantime, he’s also providing voices for The World Famous Frank Show. Take a listen.

Episode 159 – Can We just take a moment to think


This week, a Face book video, which you can see here –¬†https://www.facebook.com/disclosetv/videos/10156071279350628/ – Got us talking once again abut the contradictions in modern religion. The show is once again filled with insight and interesting questions about how we understand religion, and mankind.

Episode 156 – Angry Nerds


Brice has joined Dan and James and they are loving wher Game of Thrones is going this season. Then Big Jim stops in and it gets heated. I mean knock down drag out NERD battle. So, you know, lame insults snorting and dice rolling mad! The first ever episode of Angry Nerds is here. This week… Jason Voorheis and the Friday The Thirteenth series.

Episode 154 – Is Betty White In Danger?


It’s a full Skype! Samantha, Big Jim on the East coast, Brand new Papa Brice, James and Ludite Dan on the west… hence the technical difficulties. We’re wondering again, how far would you be willing to go to find the truth? It’s summer, so Big Jim is thinking about new ways to cook his summer meat. And James is going to jail. Big Jim ends the show with a pretty epic mic drop!

Episode 153 – The Truth Is Out There


What would you be willing to give up to learn the truth? How far would you be willing to go to get all the facts? Who would you send to jail just so you could gain knowledge? Samantha and James talk about what secret fuels them, and what they’d be willing to do to get to the bottom of things

Episode 152 – I AM The Creepy Clown


James and Samantha are joined by none other than LUDITE boy himself, Danny of the band Hurkamur. The three discuss what it means to be a creative person, and how each of them turn tiny idea nuggets into beautiful creative magic.

Also we’d like to welcome Brice’s son Lucas into the world. Sorry it’s such a mess kid, but we’re going to try our best to make a ¬†little better for you!

Episode 149 – We could Hear The Splash


After two weeks we’re back. James, Brice and Samantha. yes Samantha. No Big Jim didn’t have gender re-assingment surgery. So where has she been? What has she been doing. She’s been bettering herself! Well, until The Rock gets mentioned. Trump is in serious trouble again.

Episode 146 – You Gotta Make Sure It’s On The G String


A moral “What would you do” questions is posed at the start of the show. What would you do if you had a super power. The parameters are set, and we discover exactly what kind of people Big Jim, and Brice really are. A twisted humanitarian and a sexual deviant. honestly, who didn’t see that coming? British PE teachers get handsy, Spain is ill prepared for the zombie apocalypse, and science is trying to make your brain better.

Episode 145 – Sweet Taint


Things get off to a normal start when for some reason the taste of Big Jim’s taint is compared to Viso Vigor. In a continuing effort to show how ridiculous the Internet is, the guys have uncovered some of the strangest conspiracy theories out there. From the idea the Saved by The Bell is an Illuminati indoctrination video, to the Denver airport being the world’s most vile den of evil to… a UFO diss battle??? Boy, we’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.




Episode 142 – Build A Wall Around the Sun


This week the guys did some homework, and after a small identity crisis, they dive into some of the more ridiculous “News” articles you can find on well known conservative news websites, proving that just because it’s on the web, doesn’t mean it’s legitimate.

Episode 140 – Oi Up Your Battle Axe


Brice is away so James and Big Jim reconnect over their love of 80’s metal. ¬†Everything from the marriage of Classical music and metal, to the poor, poor choices bands made with their album covers. then, Jim gets disconnected and James has to flail while Skype can figure out what it’s doing

Episode 139 – The Fears of Fatherhood.


Big Jim is off taking care of his sick kid, and James is back in studio, asking brice if he thinks he’s ready for his own bundle of joy. Something terrible happened while Brice was learning how babies were made. Our Cheeto-in-Chief seems like he’s losing his grip.

Episode 137 – Format changes


Big Jim tries to take over the show, but Brice and james aren’t about to let that happen. Things are getting scarier and scarier in Washington. England might have some issues. What does the Salt and Ice Challenge, and Jancum have in common? Their both stupid. Part one of the 2017 movie preview!

Episode 136 – Not Another Alternative Fact


The boys have decided it was time you knew the truth… or rather, the Alternative Facts about your favorite podcasters. Yes from Cures to Cancer, to secret millionaires to strange and dramatic threesomes, the boys give it to you straight, in a very tangled and twisted way.

Episode 135 – Ushering in the end.


The boys are back together at last. James received an unusual letter that has the boys wondering what kind of response it deserves. Our new Oompa Loompa in Chief is sworn in. The guys have more than a few suggestions about the Inauguration music choices.

Episode 133 – It’s All Jim’s Fault


The guys have survive Snowpocageddeon 2016, and James and Brice want to know why Jim took all the mojo when he left Portland. Jim leads the guys in a discussion about how hard it’s become finding the perfect gift. James saw Rogue One and can’t talk about how awesome it is because Brice and Jim haven’t seen it yet.

Episode 132- 4 Obiecious!


Brice is out, and as we promised we stay far far away from politics. Instead this week you can hear about how devious Big Jim’s lady is, and how truly childlike Jim is. Also, James and Jim explore the most epic amusement park ever imagined… because they’re imagining it. And Jim tries to pitch it to you, the listener.

Episode 129 – The Lunchables of Podcasts


Our very good friend Danny Hettum of Hurkamur joins James and brice to break down how Trump’s campaign is crumbling, what Hilary needs to do to defeat Trump, How this election cycle has really shown a light on how corrupt the system has become, Mexican podcasts, the creative process and making a heavy metal album in 2016.

Episode 126 – Sometimes you gotta fight the MAN.


For the first time ever, Brice is calling the shots, and this show NEVER sounded better. Big Jim offers his condolences on Brice’s recent loss, and the two discuss grief before Jim relives the utter torture he went through at the hands of his own wisdom teeth. Jim also recounts how he stood up for himself at his new job and how it may or may not have worked out for him.

Episode 125 – Just your regular drivel

Brice and James poke fun and a few holes in Trumps campaign and wonder if he got Montazuma’s Revenge after his visit to Mexico. But after that, they get into the complete and utter failure of Steam’s No Man’s Sky and why Star Citizen is the superior game even though it isn’t out. Also, some Star Wars theories are explored.

Episode 124 – Nothing About Nothing


We’re talking Trump again and trying to figure out if he’s splatpacking on purpose, or if people are realizing how full of it that ass bag really is. Also, Suicide squad and if Warner Bros is going to ruin another great movie. Brice couldn’t catch any fish, and what’s in store for Game of Thrones.

Episode 122 – Try Harder Jim


Live from a remote location in Amish country, Big Jim returns with a frozen coffee wrapped cell phone to talk video game triumphs, and the Republican National convention. Also, Jim tells you how to get a job by reminding the company owner you’ve seen them shower.

Episode 120 – In The Name Of God


He’s back, but this time we took precautions. Danny Hettum of the band Hurkamur joins Brice and James in the studio, and this time, to keep him from ruining the computers and destroying the show, he’s kept outside. The guys are worried about bears. The Orlando Shooter is talked about and the guys speculate on the reason for the hate before examining religion and nuclear war.

FVC – Willow


Before Big Jim headed East, he had one request, and that was to ruin his childhood. Why he’d ask for that, no one will understand, but as it was his request, James and Brice accommodated him by watching the Ron Howard masterpiece, Willow. Pretty sure Jim regretted his request within moments of the film starting. Also… to any little people out there, we apologize.

Episode 114 – Big Jim’s Not So Fond Farewell


Today ends another chapter in Not Another Podcast History. Today we say farewell to our compatriot Big Jim, who had provided us with so much in the last year alone. Not to mention the entirety of this podcast. Jim heads for Pennsylvania and we send him off with a good selection of road trip song, before making him weep like a little girl with our tribute to his genius, and his epic failures. But we swear that this is not good bye. This is simply farewell. WE LOVE YOU JIM!

Episode 113 – She’s Really Into Weather


The show devolves fairly quickly after the guys discuss the new Star Wars trailer, which is pretty damned epic. The discussion of celebrity crushes gets a little uncomfortable, and everyone is really sad that this is the second to last time Big Jim will be in studio.

Episode 108 – Take Down Big Parking


Jim dropped a bombshell on Social Media this week and James and Brice are feeling a little slighted over it. A discussion about the ups and downs and the really tough world that is high school and suicide ensues. Another big bombshell is dropped when Jim announces he’s wearing women’s underpants.

Episode 107 – Aggressive Progressions


Things take a weird turn before the mikes are even cracked. Big jim has chosen a word that just seems to infuriate both James and Brice, and pays the cost. Are police being to forceful> The Oregon occupation is at an end. New leaderships is needed and the boys are throwing their hats into the presidential ring and their first step is choosing campaign songs.

Episode 106 – The show of many names


Brice is off fighting crime this week, so Big Jim and James are left alone to muddle through a very strange and sometimes disturbing world. From bionic penises to strange thins sold in porn stores to a woman who was arrested who looks like the Sarlacc incarnate. A world where Wilfred Brimley warns against the dangers of Briceabetes and Jame’s wife takes down fools with her with at a hundred yards.

So you can be horrified as well.



Episode 105 – May the Nerd Be With You


Back after an extended hiatus Big Jim, Brice and James are rather perturbed by the so called militia in their home state and amazed that they can prepare for an extended standoff… without bringing snacks??? Also is gun control ever going to be solved or will it devolve into the banned of anything blunt and pointy. Finally, as promised STAR WARS THOUGHTS! Yep, your nerd heroes talk all about theories and what they liked and didn’t like about their favorite franchise.

Episode 104 – Fond Holiday Memories


It’s the last show of 2015, and the guys get some gifts and talk about their fondest and worst Christmas memories. We learn Jim was quite the special forces operative when it came to peeking at presents, James loved being with family more than gifts, and Brice’s life is pretty perfect.

Episode 103 – Thermal Defacators


Jim is still depressed so Brice and James allow Jim to play the new Battlefront game. After that the boys imagine a game that sounds much more fun to play starring JimJim. The conversation gets really serious as the boys try and figure out the gun control issue and can’t find a solution.

Episode 102 – Buck Up Jim


Big Jim is back another year older, and with a brand new job. After a bit of catch up our nerd takes over and we once again delve into our unashamed anticipation for Star Wars. From The Force Awakens to Battlefront. Things take on a very poignant turn when Jim confesses to dealing with depression

Episode 101- This is Rumor Control


Brice and James breakdown some of the more popular rumors surrounding the new Star Wars film and offer up their own ideas about what will happen in Episode 7. Are they right, probably not, but it’s still fun to speculate. Also, Metallica is in the studio and the boys wonder if this will be a return to form or another waste of the band’s immense talent.

Episode 100 – Taken By The King


While Jim is out protesting, James and Brice discuss their favorite video game in detail. You want to hear what a nerdgasm sounds like, this is it. Also, what’s going on with the presidential race, Ronda Rousey has load of really rough sex before a fight, and Star Wars.

Episode 99 – Miles Around pt III The Democrats Took It All



Dennis Pittsenbargher returns for part three of the story of Highway To Sell, a super awesome show that died before it’s time, but before that, Big Jim and Dennis get into a pretty heated debate over politics. Brice is so lucky he took the day off!

Episode 98 – Iron Throne Theories


James and Brice talk nerdy to you. New star wars teaser. The guys still have no clue what the new Star Wars Movie is about. Brice loved Fantastic Four, while James still think it is heavily flawed. The guys are still anxiously awaiting the next expansion for Destiny. Civil War has wrapped photography. Game of Thrones theories are spoken of in hushed tones.

FVC – Ragnarok


SOLD ON A LIE! That’s what this movie is. James, Brice and Big Jim watch what was promised as an epic thriller with an Norse Indiana Jones feel and turns out to be only slightly better than anything Asylum Studios puts out. At least it’s in Norwegian so we didn’t have to listen to the bad dialogue, and god knows we don’t read anything.


Episode 97 – Shame Whiskey


The guys are back this week with a rather haunting and amusing look back at their careers in radio. Big Jim is doing some comedy, so get in your TARDIS and head back. Big Jim finally gets the whiskey he thinks he was promised, and it comes with a heavy dose of shame! What does it take to make a successful podcast? Why is sex education such a hard thing to do these days? James and Big Jim talk about when and how they were given “The Talk”

Episode 96 – Chili Con Creepy


We’re back, and bigger than ever. Big Jim joins the cast full time and gets us off to a great start. A ton of nerdgasm trailers dropped while we were away so we hit Deadpool, Batman vs Superman, Ant-Man Game of Thrones, What is it DC Comics is trying to do in their movies and why Marvel is just good. Big Jim became a father, and shit gets real for a few minutes.

Spoilers, Sweetie…


Spoiler Alerts!

We talk movies, movies and more movies!  If you have NOT seen Ant Man or Jurassic World you may want to have your finger on the Fast Forward button!

Also I have been on an Arnold Schwarzenegger (Yes, that spelling is correct!) kick and watching ALL the movies I grew up with!


Not Another Podcast MidWest


While NAP’s PacNorthWest folks take a break it is time for you all to get the know the NAP MidWest folks! ¬†Of course you already know Samantha, please welcome her Movie Commentary partners… Good Bad Geeky’s Nick Nitro… and Random Subject Generator Ryan E. (aka The Viking Biker) You may recognize them from Zombeavers and Wolf Cop!

Today we talk Pinterest, DIY, Dr. Who and of course something strange!

Hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better!

Episode 94 – The Huggies Express


Big Jim and Samantha meet for the very first time. Everyone’s concerned about the hellspawn Big Jim is about to unleash on the world. Jim discusses what it’s been like expecting his parasite and shaming his girlfriend into saying maybe.

Apologies for the sound quality. Something went horribly awry.

Episode 93 – Blindfolded for the Full Experience


It’s the only way you should watch “50 Shades of Gray”. Seriously. Also, this is a pretty nerdy show. Topics include: Game of Thrones. Marvel should stick with movies, and DC should work solely on TV. Smallville went on WAAAAY too long. Mad Max was entirely under utilized. We have to go because Destiny just dropped its latest DLC.