Episode 126 – Sometimes you gotta fight the MAN.


For the first time ever, Brice is calling the shots, and this show NEVER sounded better. Big Jim offers his condolences on Brice’s recent loss, and the two discuss grief before Jim relives the utter torture he went through at the hands of his own wisdom teeth. Jim also recounts how he stood up for himself at his new job and how it may or may not have worked out for him.

Episode 125 – Just your regular drivel

Brice and James poke fun and a few holes in Trumps campaign and wonder if he got Montazuma’s Revenge after his visit to Mexico. But after that, they get into the complete and utter failure of Steam’s No Man’s Sky and why Star Citizen is the superior game even though it isn’t out. Also, some Star Wars theories are explored.

Episode 124 – Nothing About Nothing


We’re talking Trump again and trying to figure out if he’s splatpacking on purpose, or if people are realizing how full of it that ass bag really is. Also, Suicide squad and if Warner Bros is going to ruin another great movie. Brice couldn’t catch any fish, and what’s in store for Game of Thrones.

Episode 120 – In The Name Of God


He’s back, but this time we took precautions. Danny Hettum of the band Hurkamur joins Brice and James in the studio, and this time, to keep him from ruining the computers and destroying the show, he’s kept outside. The guys are worried about bears. The Orlando Shooter is talked about and the guys speculate on the reason for the hate before examining religion and nuclear war.