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Episode 281 – Wild Frail Things

Today, on a very special Not Another Podcast, follow Young Big Jim, as he discusses all the things he suffered and how he is trying to rethink his beliefs in himself. Self Healing is one of the hardest things a human can do, and Jim is doing it rather well if we do say so!

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Episode 279 – You Gotta Get Your Whole Fist in There

Today we discuss Sam’s bid to become an Inked Covergirl, Also her newest attempt to insult the Internet, and Danny, Brice and James all bring it in the latest installment of Trailer Trash.

Help Samantha get on the cover of Inked!

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Episode 276 – Clam Jam

The crew from All THings Z join us to slough off 2020. Big Jim reviews The Wizard of Oz, We learn what “Clitty Litter” is, What’s killed the mood, and so much other insanity it was hard to keep track. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Episode 275 – Tit For Taint

Samantha and Big Jim are cold! So, we talk about the ways one might share body heat, and the scourge of Heat Vampires before Jim starts mocking James for the way he pronounces words. The saga of Frank the Gargoyle and how truly awful Karen can be! We have Merch now, and apparently everything is made of hair.

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Episode 273 – Dried Up Gargoyle C—

Apparently James is calling from the past because his connection isn’t that great. Brice and jim had “Proceedures” this week, Jim needs a minute to rant, and it’s time to choose the next horrible movie in which to review. There are some pretty solid choices this week.

Episode 269 – It’s Crying

So last week, we chose a movie witht the full expectation it was going to be another shitshow… But we were very surprised. This week, we review The Loved Ones with Brice and Dan, who hadn’t watched it yet. Also, Samantha and Jim are convinced there is some sort of trauma that Danny is hiding.

Episode 262 – … no

It’s another installment of Trailer Trash and Jim and Danny have brought their A Games today. When the dust settles, we’ll be reviewing Bit from 2020 next week. Also we discuss the change in humor and what’s funny and how the show has evolved comedically as well. Then, Big jim entices you to join our Patreon. Welcome Jerico McKnight! (Yes that’s a real name)

Episode 255 – Not That Kind Of Trust

Things start off with a joke that goes awry. We’re sure we’re on the NSA’s watch list. How to deal with depression in these dark times. Samantha’s ovaries sound like Gilbert Gottfried. The gang discusses which movie to watch next and dissect. this month’s choice… CLOWNTOWN!

Episode 249 – Genital Sacrament

What starts out as a look at what it takes to make it onto a television miniseries, turns into a look into the life of someone who suffers from high arches… emphasis on suffers. Our good friend David from All Things Z joins us to talk about his new project for Amazon, life as a pirate, hunting gun store owners and avoiding the pitfalls of avoiding fame.

Episode 243 – Gravy Scab

Part two of the pitch meeting for our brand new TV show. The Sandwich Detective (Copyright Notanotherpodcast Media) Dan has poked his head out of quarantine, and we’re talking sandwiches before things go horrible wrong when Jim tells a tale from his drinking days about trying to make food when hammered. A new Audio Drama is born from a past episode.

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Episode 242 – Chill and Half-Hearted

We’re all in lock down as the Coronavirus does it’s thing, and we’re wondering what the repurcussions of all this isolation will be. And then, things took a weird turn when Big Jim admits to having eaten a co worker’s food. not once, Not twice but many many times.

Also, HUGE shout out to our very first Patreon subscriber: Drew! You are the wind in our trees, the chocolate in our peanut butter, the bubbles in our bath. Thank you kind sir. More glory is coming your way soon… when we figure out how.

Homestead Episode 4 – The Long Walk

On their way back from Oregon City, Cohen, Wheeler and Warner are ambushed by a group of survivors and are then forced to make the long trex back through Portland.

This episode feature music by Myuu. Find his stuff here on YouTube.

Episode 237 – A Good Conversation

Depending on yout point of view. We got the folks from All Things Z with us to talk about a strange interview they had recently. We then go on to talk about the changes being made at YouTube, and how it affects content providers before someone falls asleep and begins snoring… Who is snoring???

Episode 225 – Holes and Twatson

The President is in some real hotwater, and Travis Box is back to help make heads or tails of all the news. Danny Samantha and James are eager little learners, until Travis introduces a special political pundent, and Samantha introduces a very unique Private detective. I smell a buddy cop movie.

Episode 206 – Butt Stuff

So this week, Samantha is dealing with High School level drama, and Danny and James are helping her navigate these very dangerous waters. James has neighbor issues that have left him scarred. With all the cool music biopics out there, James is wondering what bands or artists should get movies next.

Episode 204 – It’s not laziness, It’s Procrastination

Samantha and James both love to write, but they actually love avoiding writing more. The two of them discuss all the things it takes to come up with and write a good story and all the ways they can avoid writing a single word. Samantha has really good advice for aspiring authors too.

Episode 203 – The problem with gaming these days

We’re going way back with the two guys who started this whole thing. James and Brice flying together once again and talking about one of their passions. Video gaming. the guys talk about what games they love, and how to make them better as well as fixing exsisting games. Then the conversation inevitably turns to… Individual Number One. Sorry.