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Episode 108 – Take Down Big Parking

Jim dropped a bombshell on Social Media this week and James and Brice are feeling a little slighted over it. A discussion about the ups and downs and the really tough world that is high school and suicide ensues. Another big bombshell is dropped when Jim announces he’s wearing women’s underpants.

FVC – Oculus

One of the best movies we’ve ever commented on. A really weird twisted tale about a haunted mirror and the delicious Katee Sackhoff and the truly stunning Karen Gillian. Other than that, none of us can remember anything about this movie. Except that we liked it.

Episode 107 – Aggressive Progressions

Things take a weird turn before the mikes are even cracked. Big jim has chosen a word that just seems to infuriate both James and Brice, and pays the cost. Are police being to forceful> The Oregon occupation is at an end. New leaderships is needed and the boys are throwing their hats into the presidential ring and their first step is choosing campaign songs.

Episode 106 – The show of many names

Brice is off fighting crime this week, so Big Jim and James are left alone to muddle through a very strange and sometimes disturbing world. From bionic penises to strange thins sold in porn stores to a woman who was arrested who looks like the Sarlacc incarnate. A world where Wilfred Brimley warns against the dangers of Briceabetes and Jame’s wife takes down fools with her with at a hundred yards.

So you can be horrified as well.


Episode 105 – May the Nerd Be With You

Back after an extended hiatus Big Jim, Brice and James are rather perturbed by the so called militia in their home state and amazed that they can prepare for an extended standoff… without bringing snacks??? Also is gun control ever going to be solved or will it devolve into the banned of anything blunt and pointy. Finally, as promised STAR WARS THOUGHTS! Yep, your nerd heroes talk all about theories and what they liked and didn’t like about their favorite franchise.

Episode 104 – Fond Holiday Memories

It’s the last show of 2015, and the guys get some gifts and talk about their fondest and worst Christmas memories. We learn Jim was quite the special forces operative when it came to peeking at presents, James loved being with family more than gifts, and Brice’s life is pretty perfect.

Episode 103 – Thermal Defacators

Jim is still depressed so Brice and James allow Jim to play the new Battlefront game. After that the boys imagine a game that sounds much more fun to play starring JimJim. The conversation gets really serious as the boys try and figure out the gun control issue and can’t find a solution.

Episode 102 – Buck Up Jim

Big Jim is back another year older, and with a brand new job. After a bit of catch up our nerd takes over and we once again delve into our unashamed anticipation for Star Wars. From The Force Awakens to Battlefront. Things take on a very poignant turn when Jim confesses to dealing with depression

Episode 101- This is Rumor Control

Brice and James breakdown some of the more popular rumors surrounding the new Star Wars film and offer up their own ideas about what will happen in Episode 7. Are they right, probably not, but it’s still fun to speculate. Also, Metallica is in the studio and the boys wonder if this will be a return to form or another waste of the band’s immense talent.

House Of Wax Commentary

One of the dumbest, and yet truly entertaining movie’s we’ve ever subjected ourselves to. Big Jim, James and Brice sit down to enjoy the cinematic masterpiece that is Paris Hilton death by pipe… Or as it was more widely known, House of Wax.

Episode 100 – Taken By The King

While Jim is out protesting, James and Brice discuss their favorite video game in detail. You want to hear what a nerdgasm sounds like, this is it. Also, what’s going on with the presidential race, Ronda Rousey has load of really rough sex before a fight, and Star Wars.

Episode 99 – Miles Around pt III The Democrats Took It All


Dennis Pittsenbargher returns for part three of the story of Highway To Sell, a super awesome show that died before it’s time, but before that, Big Jim and Dennis get into a pretty heated debate over politics. Brice is so lucky he took the day off!

Episode 98 – Iron Throne Theories

James and Brice talk nerdy to you. New star wars teaser. The guys still have no clue what the new Star Wars Movie is about. Brice loved Fantastic Four, while James still think it is heavily flawed. The guys are still anxiously awaiting the next expansion for Destiny. Civil War has wrapped photography. Game of Thrones theories are spoken of in hushed tones.

FVC – Ragnarok

SOLD ON A LIE! That’s what this movie is. James, Brice and Big Jim watch what was promised as an epic thriller with an Norse Indiana Jones feel and turns out to be only slightly better than anything Asylum Studios puts out. At least it’s in Norwegian so we didn’t have to listen to the bad dialogue, and god knows we don’t read anything.


Episode 97 – Shame Whiskey

The guys are back this week with a rather haunting and amusing look back at their careers in radio. Big Jim is doing some comedy, so get in your TARDIS and head back. Big Jim finally gets the whiskey he thinks he was promised, and it comes with a heavy dose of shame! What does it take to make a successful podcast? Why is sex education such a hard thing to do these days? James and Big Jim talk about when and how they were given “The Talk”

Episode 96 – Chili Con Creepy

We’re back, and bigger than ever. Big Jim joins the cast full time and gets us off to a great start. A ton of nerdgasm trailers dropped while we were away so we hit Deadpool, Batman vs Superman, Ant-Man Game of Thrones, What is it DC Comics is trying to do in their movies and why Marvel is just good. Big Jim became a father, and shit gets real for a few minutes.

Spoilers, Sweetie…

Spoiler Alerts!

We talk movies, movies and more movies!  If you have NOT seen Ant Man or Jurassic World you may want to have your finger on the Fast Forward button!

Also I have been on an Arnold Schwarzenegger (Yes, that spelling is correct!) kick and watching ALL the movies I grew up with!


Not Another Podcast MidWest

While NAP’s PacNorthWest folks take a break it is time for you all to get the know the NAP MidWest folks!  Of course you already know Samantha, please welcome her Movie Commentary partners… Good Bad Geeky’s Nick Nitro… and Random Subject Generator Ryan E. (aka The Viking Biker) You may recognize them from Zombeavers and Wolf Cop!

Today we talk Pinterest, DIY, Dr. Who and of course something strange!

Hope you enjoy getting to know us a little better!

Episode 94 – The Huggies Express

Big Jim and Samantha meet for the very first time. Everyone’s concerned about the hellspawn Big Jim is about to unleash on the world. Jim discusses what it’s been like expecting his parasite and shaming his girlfriend into saying maybe.

Apologies for the sound quality. Something went horribly awry.

Episode 93 – Blindfolded for the Full Experience

It’s the only way you should watch “50 Shades of Gray”. Seriously. Also, this is a pretty nerdy show. Topics include: Game of Thrones. Marvel should stick with movies, and DC should work solely on TV. Smallville went on WAAAAY too long. Mad Max was entirely under utilized. We have to go because Destiny just dropped its latest DLC.

Episode 92 – Then It Got Awkward

SAMANTHA RETURNS! Or at least she’s on skype, and she’s talking with James and Brice about Avengers, Deadpool, Her huge obsession with The Rock, certain people impersonating her, United Airlines sucks, and Jurassic World is going to be awesome.

Episode 91 – Road Trip Down Memory Lane part 2

Dennis Pittsenbarger of Highway to Sell, hot Rod Radio and Miles Around Radio joins Brice, James and Big Jim once again and entertains the boys with his tail of going from nearly destitute car guy to almost international sensation (using the term in the loosest of meanings).

FVC – Wolf Cop

Samantha and her Mid-West boys are back!  And with an all new First Viewing Commentary of Wolf Cop!  This is a non-stop thrill ride of Wolf Cop kill time and Wolf Cop sexy time and he even has his own car!  Make sure you stick around through the credits for his awesome Wolf Cop Rap.

Sit back and enjoy!

Episode 90 – Road Trip Down Memory Lane Part 1

Brice and James are joined by Big Jim, and Automobile Entertainment superstar Dennis Pittsenbarger from Hot Rod Radio and Highway to Sell! Yeah THAT Dennis. The guys reminisce about their humble beginnings and their  admiration for pot store stick up artists, the state of terrestrial radio, and how much fun it is to hang out with you friends with a few microphones. We never even got to talk about Dennis in Florida, which is why there’s going to be a part 2!

First Viewing Throwback

Hey gang! So, illness incapacitated the whole crew this week, so we thought we’d throw up (no pun intended) a classic movie commentary. Here you have the Rutger Howard classic Hobo With A Shotgun. Why is it a classic? We have no idea. There were octupus tentacles in it for now reason at all…

Episode 85 – When The Music Stops, The Tears Start

Big Jim Willig joins us along with our new friend Nick Jackson to talk about the musical Guilty Pleasures that we listened to in high school. This episode was declared a safe zone, but years of being made fun of makes Jim lash out. Just listen, you might even start to feel sorry for the big lug.

Episode 83 – You ever have one of those conversations?

This week starts off like just about any other, but then takes a turn for the philosophical, and never really turns back. A few things touched on… Life out there, Vaccinations, Sarah Palin, Is there a God, Why can’t more celebrities be like the characters they play?


Apparently all this movie could conjure was questions… oh, and a new addition. DRUNK MOM!!!! supposedly the predessecor to the movie Annabelle, this one left us rather unfulfilled, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t crack each other up. Hopefully you’ll find it kind of silly too. Listen for Big Jim choking to death near the end. Priceless.

Episode 82 – THEY MADE ME… (Take 2)

So, we were having this reat show with Big Jim Willig and Dan from Hurkamur when Dan used his powers for evil. So we started over. We’re talking great Music hooks, but that was the first show. This show, there’s still music, but we got into more interesting subjects like…. well, you should really just listen.

Episode 80 – Follow along if you can

James and Brice catch up after the holidays and talk about why they don’t make resolutions. Then this strange conversation starts and goes everywhere. Gambling, CES, action figures, movies… you know, all the basics are covered, but we’re not sure how the topics came up… so….

FVC of Zombeavers

This is Samantha!  I’m back with some local Columbus podcasters.  Nick Nitro from The Good the Bad and the Geeky and the Viking Biker Ryan Estep from Random Subject Generator (RSG) podcast join me as we talk our way through the terrifying misadventures of Zombie Beavers!

Who will survive!?

Oh, and keep watching all the way through the credits… there is a song, no joke a song!


Episode 79 – It’s Like Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend

It is the week of Christmas and that means three things! The annual Not Another Gift Exchange. Chef CJ and Big Jim Willig are here. And we’re talking about our favorite soundtracks. Check below to see how awesome our gift exchange program is!

Episode 78 – Velociraptors Make Great Pets

NPR wishes they had us. Brice is back and Christmas is just around the corner. Another school shooting, but with a sort of happy twist, which is weird to say. Texas is gonna be dangerous. Brice and James have the answer for over crowded prisons, and the ultimate torturer for the CIA is… Sarah Palin? The question of raising and training velociraptors to be good pets is explored at great length.

Episode 77 – The Cj Strikes Back

Brice is out, Chef CJ is in! James and CJ talk Deadpool, and the wise ass mastery that is Ryan Reynolds. Why Gotham sucks, and The Flash and Arrow are two of the best shows ever created. James is slightly threatened by Benedict Cumberbatch. The tragedy that is teasing an anaconda with a tasty human and then taking it away.

Episode 76 – My Lightsaber is Superior To Yours

Prepare for a blast of nerddom. Brice and James have been having a heated debate ever since the new Star Wars trailer dropped over the weekend, and it’s culminated into… well this.  Star Lord Rides with Velociraptors. Hackers have nothing better to do than piss off gamers. Cyber Warfare is the next logical evolution in War. Black Friday blew it.

Episode 75 – We’re All Going To Hell

It’s our music episode and we’re talking music we loved in highs school, but the thing is, we never ever really get to it because the show just dove right of the rails for some reason. And it’s why we’re all going to Hell!

Episode 74- Third World Economy

We’re joined by Dan from a local Portland metal band, whose name I have conveniently forgotten, but he says it in the show so… whatever. look he made things go haywire, and i haven’t forgiven him for it. Comics are discussed as well as movies. The spider egg in James’ ear hasn’t hatched, and it really is ok to look at beautiful people, just don’t stalk them you creeps!

Episode 73 – It Laid Eggs In My Skull

James is suffering an ear infection and has some seriously gross ideas of how it happened. Brice isn’t helping either. Also, we talked about some other stuff, but I forgot what it was, so, enjoy this one.

Episode 72 – The Geeks are back, and it’s precious

What happens when we do a mess of prep work, but then lose it? Nearly an hour of superhero movie talk! Plus, Levar Burton reads us a bedtime story, right after Samantha gets annoying!

Episode 70 – Fear Not The Real Genius

This week starts just as usual with talk of video games, TV shows and nonsense, but then it devolves into discussion of idiot criminals and debates on the Qur’an and how just like other religious texts it has been grossly mistranslated. James is convinced the Human Race should be wiped out while Brice is more hopeful, and the question on how if we’re mistreating potential geniuses is raised.

Episode 69 – This pause brought to you by…

Big Jim Willig, Brice, and James are together again to talk new bands and new music, along with whatever else comes spewing out of their heads and mouth holes.

FAN Viewing Commentary – ALIENS

MARINES! ARE YOU LEAN? ARE YOU MEAN? WHAT ARE YOU? WE’RE MARINES! Oh yeah. James, Brice and Big Jim get together for another bug hunt and to find out just which of us is too bad. (Hint: It isn’t Big Jim.) When all is said and done it’s game over man. Game over.

Episode 68 – Who’s George gonna kill next?

Brice is a year older, and James had some of the best bacon ever.  The wonders of ansthetic. some Ohio kids are F*#&ing dickbags. President Obama is not Beyonce, no matter how he might try. The saddest and funniest story about donating to a sperm bank. Brice and james go off about religion, War and music before betting on who George R R Martin will kill in his next book.

Episode 67 – The Cloud Is Not Your Friend, Celebrity

Brice and James start the show fresh off the high of hob-knobbing with a celebrity. Somehow these to fools managed an invite to an exclusive premiere of what they believe will be a phenomenal show on Discovery Channel. Next up, why do celebrities take naked pics of themselves if they don’t want them out there for the public? Mythbusters says goodbye to their ratings, Don’t have your friends tell your girlfriend you’ve been kidnapped. The KKK wants to recruit you with Jolly Ranchers, Canada has a map for Russian soldiers, and if you want to waste time, why not watch goldfish play Street Fighter II


FVC – You’re Next

This was one of the greatest film’s we’ve ever done a commentary for. Joined by Big Jim Willig, and to our surprise, his lady Maleah, who always provides great remarks. Pay attention because this commentary starts with a story of domestic violence… or just a horrible accident. Either way, it was hysterical.

Episode 66- That’s what relief feels like

So, we wanted a fun show after two depressing weeks, so Brice brought booze. And what you think happens, actually happens. The Ice Bucket Challenge and who’s doing it and why. We watched the awesome video of the motorcycle acrobat, the new Stormtrooper helmets, and what could Episode VII have to offer. And you should beware! there are imposters out there.

Episode 64 – General Brice, War Hero!

We get word from Samantha on the Toledo water problem after a long and spoiler free review of Guardians of the Galaxy. We have a few interesting news stories as usual, but then a lengthy and quite insane discussion about the Tri-pocalypse ensues where James is sure Brice will survive only to be eaten by a bear, cursing his name.

Episode 63 – No Pithy Title

Brice and James have cake. MMMMMMMMMM Cake. Also, Scientist want you to stop smelling farts. Andre Johnson cut off his manhood in a fit of righteouness, Tennesse is busting pregnant women, Kristen Bell is the cutest Mary Poppins ever. One of Bryan Singer’s accusers is told to kick rocks, and James is indignant with people who are too stupid to realize the government is not going to take away their guns. CHILL OUT GUN OWNERS!

Episode 62 – The Soundtrack To Our Lives

Another double episode? Yes, because once again, Big Jim Willig sits down with us to talk about music and songs that have special meanings to us! Brice reveals that he does in fact, have a soul. Jim remembers that one girl and James apparently has daddy issues. Also, how awesome is the Great Horror Campout!

Episode 61 Brice really should have a new band!


Today we discuss how our northern neighbors are becoming super mellow, and Pink Floyd has reunited. You can buy an entire Italian village, Humpty Dumpty fell, and everything they said would happen to him did. Brice makes James try a new food which his horrid beyond description. A baseball fan falls asleep at a game and is surprised people made fun of him. Your dream job awaits. You can have a life sized Darth Vader action figure for less than an used car. James thinks Brice needs to form a new metal band. And damn it, Children are really creepy.

In case you wish to engage in epic battle at the office, here’s how to build your armory.

Episode 60 – Nature is totally cool… from a distance

Brice and James are back, and after a very long dissection of the new Transformers movie in which there are spoilers, because these two haven’t mastered subtley at all, they move on to a couple of shark stories, which some how exorcises Samantha from out of oblivion! Then the boys get entranced by James’ cat who has decided to pose and act all cute in front of them. This really is ADD at its finest.

Episode 59 – When Did you know It Was Wrong?

Harrison Ford is defeated by the Millenium Falcon. We debut a new segment we call the Not Another Podcast WTF! Jason Momoa could be the most useless superhero ever invented. Korean Spider Man is just a little too excited. Florida police find pot in a really weird place, and why you should vacation in Essos instead of Westeros.

Fan Commentary – WITNESS

Hey friends! We’ve talked and talked and talked about this, and it finally happened. We watched a movie that changed Big Jim Willig’s life, and may or may not be submitted as evidence in a MAJOR lawsuit. This is it, the movie that turned our good friend Big Jim into the mess he is today.

Episode 58 – May The Force Have Thrones

Brice and James are back to basics, and I mean that literally. A conversation about the leaked Millenium Falcon pics leads into a long and interesting (at least to us) discussion about a great Star Wars video game. James then horrify Brice with news of possible Indiana Jones casting, and then, Game of Thrones is broken down nearly spoiler free. Also… X-men is discussed.

Episode 57 – Sad but not exactly true



Big Jim Willig of the Big and Loud Podcast returns to talk music. What was supposed to be a easy and fun discussion turns into a serious break down of our favorite bands and reminiscions of meting Metallica. Our sincerest apologies, but the music overrides some of our comments. Thankfully, you still have two hours of our rambling and insanity.

Episode 55 – S*$^ F&#@ Test

Do not be fooled by the episode title, it’s not as dirty as you might think. First off, We think the whole Apple Maps finding the Loch Ness Monster is a hoax. Oh yeah, we went there. We follow that with a couple of dumbass teenagers who show up the FBI and cost the city of Portland millions respectively. This leads to the horrifying truth about the evolution of the Daddy Longlegs, a new possibly habitable planet is discovered, people in Thailand are Way less uptight when it comes to STD PSAs, The movie about penis obsession that is taking the world by…. well, we don’t know if anyone knows about it yet, The X-Men director may or may not have done unspeakable things to one or more of his actors, Someone has invented the best Spider-Man web shooter ever, and Vegans want to open a restaurant in Jeffrey Dahmer’s old house.

Episode 54 – Ready For Docking

This is one of those shows where afterwards you sit back and ask “What the #*%! did I just listen to?”
It starts innocently enough with a comedic flight attendant, which leads into a woman who uses airplane models to… well, you know. Then we discussed the possibility of a Battlestar Galactica Movie and what that could mean to the world, and more importantly, us! And then a debate on our childhood toys came up and it took us way off the reservation. Also, Big Jim Willig came on so that might have played a small part in what the hell happened.

In case you want to follow along:

Episode 53 – GIJoepire

The horror movie that is a Department of Transportation PSA. American want the U.S. to get more involved in the Ukraine, even though they have no idea where it is. If Marijauna becomes legal in the United States, does that mean Meth production will end? And what starts as news that Chewbacca will return in the new Star Wars turns in to a nostalgia trip into our childhoods!

Episode 52 – Sex mints


Brice is out, Chef Cj is in! Brice had to work, so we secretly replaced him with Chef Cj, let’s see if anyone notices. On today’s show, we talk Nightmare clows and movie promotions, THE GOAT SIMULATOR GAME HAS ARRIvED! How long could you survive in the Zombie apocalypse? Werewolves are really into high fashion in Florida. The new breath mint that freshens your secretions, and the betterment of music through YouTube!



Ever have to go so bad, that you’re sure you might plotz a midget? That is essentially the plot of Bad Milo. So, James, Big Jim, and our good friend Chef Cj sat, ate eclairs and commented on the unique cinematic vision that was pollups… er Bad Milo. Part two of the March Double Feature! 


Commentary: Rawhead Rex

The ladies are back with a new movie commentary!  Samantha has moved to a new state and compiled a couple friends to watch one of the cheesiest horror movies ever!  Sit back and get bapTIZed by the “terror” of Rawhead Rex!

Episode 51 – Cats are awesome and really weird


A British teenager is sick to death of old men flashing their naughty bits at her, and chases on of these pervets down. A shopkeep with giant brass balls. Big Drug Company says F U to a dying 7 year-old. There are Assassins among us. Could cats be our new overlords? If they can stop doing really weird and adorable things, possibly. Batman and Iron man’s suits had babies. Man goes to Magic the Gathering tourny to pose with buttcracks. Cupcake kid is going to be a great politician one day. and finally facts that may make you listen to certain songs just a little bit differently.

Shopkeeper Is Like “Nope”


Arnold Schwarzenegger In A Tank

Benedict Cumberbatch Set To “Jaws”

Here’s What Happens When You Ask A Bunch Of Adults To Label Male And Female Reproductive Systems

3-Year-Old’s Argument For Cupcake For Dinner

Episode 50 – The Pope Is A BA!


11% of americans think HTML is a a sexually transmitted disease. WHAT!?! Putin may be the next Hitler. A lesson on the wonder of Bitcoin. We may have found Samantha’s next stalker target. You might be able to buy self cleaning dishes at IKEA. An idiot New Jersey teen is suing her parents for being her parents. James tries to convince Brice to buy a Bat Tumbler, and Pope Francis is the best Pope in the history of Popes.

FVC – A Haunting In Silver Falls


The boys are back, and watching a movie filmed right near where they are watching it. A movie about ghosts and a ring and a nerd who desperately wants to be loved. At least, we think that’s what’s happening.

Episode 49 – Not an Alien Lizard

So, it is now safe to travel to New Zealand, thanks to an announcement by the prime minister. However, stay out of Kanasas as idiots are ruling the senate there. A huge sinkhole opened up under the Corvette Museum. An 800 pound snowball nearly destroys a drom right here in Portland. Austrailia doesn’t want you to come to their country. Iron man suits are real! And finally, there is a new game for the goat lover in you!  the full Austrailian comic The Goat Simulator

Episode 48 – Methane Is Bad

A barn explodes under the force of Cow Flatulence. Drunk Women can be just as bad as Drunk Men. The truly horrible mistakes being made with the Superman sequel. Republicans don’t want Pot legalized because of Lady Gaga. Russia’s President has a strange idea of what pedophilia is. And Google has something to really spice up your sex life, glasses that will make you the star of your own porn!

Episode 46 – And God Face Palmed


Why America should look to France for leadership, Our annual movie preview, Texting in a theater could get you shot, Scientist’s make a little girl’s dream for dragon come true, Justin Bieber is a hooligan, And NASA captures a picture of God fface palmining.

Episode 45 – Iron Maiden is Ribbed For Her Pleasure

What a way to start off the New Year! Crazy pregnancies, Three hour orgasms, Geeky condom ads, PS4 Owners are pervs, An amazing BBQ is for sale in Austrailia, Morrisey is retarded, The best way to get suicidal men off buildings is a good sandwich, and Drunk men are really stupid!

Diagram of the Human Brain by Dr. Brice… age 8

FVC Special – Boondock Saints


Here we are at the end of the year, with our final movie commentary, this one chosen by Brice. The Boondock Saints. A movie so full of dark, chilling, truly frightening images that it should be on the top five of every horror movie list ever, and that’s just the scenes with Willem Dafoe! Enjoy kids, and we’ll see you in 2014! Coming soon… Samantha’s Movie Commentary!

Episode 44 – Dutch Pennsylvania Jones


So, Big Jim Willig drops in, and together, James and Brice help create a new adventure hero for our time. DP Jones, Long lost child of Indiana Jones, and the Amish. Then it’s the annual gift exchange, followed by a look at just what it is the Illuminati have in store for the human race, and just what Ridley Scott has to do with it. Happy Holidays Everyone!