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We are taking a break

Hello everyone,

Due to a lot of unforseen circumstances, James, Brice, Sam, Danny and Jim have decided to take a break. We’ve been podcasting in one form or another for the last 12 years, and now our lives are trying to exert control upon us. So, we’ve collectively decided to take a break to reassess our priorities. We don’t know exactly what that means yet, or what it means for Not Another Podcast. We do know that this break is needed for all of us. So. Thank you for listening to us, and Thank you for supporting us, and let’s see what’s in the future.

HOMESTEAD – Episode SO2E11 Set Them Free

With the threat of the Three Crowns looming, Cohen has no choice but to let Warner and his followers leave Homestead

Episode 312 – Bladder of Lubrication

Things get all kinds of weird from the get go. This is what happens when Samantha is out of the picture. Jim’s daughter wants to be Wednesday Addams for Halloween, and Jim has to figure out what to go as. Brice is too tired to dress up. Also, jim has written a friggin thesis on the ultimate horror movie crossover he’d like to see.

Episode 305 – Danny’s Gonna Be A Star

Brice has graced us with his presence, and we discuss the Doctor in Alabama who is now refusing to treat unvaccinated people and why this is a good thing. Also, someone decded he wanted to set off a bomb in Washinton DC, and why are some people becoming more violent lately? Then, Danny has an opportunity to become a superstar! And Samantha is ventureing into arts and crafts and the results are adorable

Episode 299-B – Dan’s Glands

Due to a mistake in our bookkeeping department, this episode is titled differently. Anyhoo… We’re talking horror movies again, and we all think we have good ideas for great, truly scary horror movies… Really. Seriously… HEY WHERE ARE YOU GOING???

Episode 297 – That Was Wet

Incentives for vaccinations is a real thing. Why? Because half the country has lost it’s collective mind. America is racist AF and for just a few dollars, you can be part of Not Another Purge!!!

Episode 291 – Topside Ample

Today we are introduced to two new cohosts! Actually, it’s just some really cute kids fascinated by the goofballs on zoom, Then we get weird with Samantha’s Naughty MadLibs. Then we get real as we begin exploring relationships, and technology and the humiliation of buying the wrong gaming console