Episode 59 – When Did you know It Was Wrong?

Harrison Ford is defeated by the Millenium Falcon. We debut a new segment we call the Not Another Podcast WTF! Jason Momoa could be the most useless superhero ever invented. Korean Spider Man is just a little too excited. Florida police find pot in a really weird place, and why you should vacation in Essos instead of Westeros.

Fan Commentary – WITNESS

Hey friends! We’ve talked and talked and talked about this, and it finally happened. We watched a movie that changed Big Jim Willig’s life, and may or may not be submitted as evidence in a MAJOR lawsuit. This is it, the movie that turned our good friend Big Jim into the mess he is today.

Episode 58 – May The Force Have Thrones

Brice and James are back to basics, and I mean that literally. A conversation about the leaked Millenium Falcon pics leads into a long and interesting (at least to us) discussion about a great Star Wars video game. James then horrify Brice with news of possible Indiana Jones casting, and then, Game of Thrones is broken down nearly spoiler free. Also… X-men is discussed.