Episode 62 – The Soundtrack To Our Lives

Another double episode? Yes, because once again, Big Jim Willig sits down with us to talk about music and songs that have special meanings to us! Brice reveals that he does in fact, have a soul. Jim remembers that one girl and James apparently has daddy issues. Also, how awesome is the Great Horror Campout!

Episode 61 Brice really should have a new band!


Today we discuss how our northern neighbors are becoming super mellow, and Pink Floyd has reunited. You can buy an entire Italian village, Humpty Dumpty fell, and everything they said would happen to him did. Brice makes James try a new food which his horrid beyond description. A baseball fan falls asleep at a game and is surprised people made fun of him. Your dream job awaits. You can have a life sized Darth Vader action figure for less than an used car. James thinks Brice needs to form a new metal band. And damn it, Children are really creepy.

In case you wish to engage in epic battle at the office, here’s how to build your armory.

Episode 60 – Nature is totally cool… from a distance

Brice and James are back, and after a very long dissection of the new Transformers movie in which there are spoilers, because these two haven’t mastered subtley at all, they move on to a couple of shark stories, which some how exorcises Samantha from out of oblivion! Then the boys get entranced by James’ cat who has decided to pose and act all cute in front of them. This really is ADD at its finest.