FVC – You’re Next

This was one of the greatest film’s we’ve ever done a commentary for. Joined by Big Jim Willig, and to our surprise, his lady Maleah, who always provides great remarks. Pay attention because this commentary starts with a story of domestic violence… or just a horrible accident. Either way, it was hysterical.

Episode 66- That’s what relief feels like

So, we wanted a fun show after two depressing weeks, so Brice brought booze. And what you think happens, actually happens. The Ice Bucket Challenge and who’s doing it and why. We watched the awesome video of the motorcycle acrobat, the new Stormtrooper helmets, and what could Episode VII have to offer. And you should beware! there are imposters out there.

Episode 64 – General Brice, War Hero!

We get word from Samantha on the Toledo water problem after a long and spoiler free review of Guardians of the Galaxy. We have a few interesting news stories as usual, but then a lengthy and quite insane discussion about the Tri-pocalypse ensues where James is sure Brice will survive only to be eaten by a bear, cursing his name.

Episode 63 – No Pithy Title

Brice and James have cake. MMMMMMMMMM Cake. Also, Scientist want you to stop smelling farts. Andre Johnson cut off his manhood in a fit of righteouness, Tennesse is busting pregnant women, Kristen Bell is the cutest Mary Poppins ever. One of Bryan Singer’s accusers is told to kick rocks, and James is indignant with people who are too stupid to realize the government is not going to take away their guns. CHILL OUT GUN OWNERS!