Episode 75 – We’re All Going To Hell

It’s our music episode and we’re talking music we loved in highs school, but the thing is, we never ever really get to it because the show just dove right of the rails for some reason. And it’s why we’re all going to Hell!

Episode 74- Third World Economy

We’re joined by Dan from a local Portland metal band, whose name I have conveniently forgotten, but he says it in the show so… whatever. look he made things go haywire, and i haven’t forgiven him for it. Comics are discussed as well as movies. The spider egg in James’ ear hasn’t hatched, and it really is ok to look at beautiful people, just don’t stalk them you creeps!

Episode 73 – It Laid Eggs In My Skull

James is suffering an ear infection and has some seriously gross ideas of how it happened. Brice isn’t helping either. Also, we talked about some other stuff, but I forgot what it was, so, enjoy this one.

Episode 72 – The Geeks are back, and it’s precious

What happens when we do a mess of prep work, but then lose it? Nearly an hour of superhero movie talk! Plus, Levar Burton reads us a bedtime story, right after Samantha gets annoying!