Episode 79 – It’s Like Breaking Up With Your Boyfriend

It is the week of Christmas and that means three things! The annual Not Another Gift Exchange. Chef CJ and Big Jim Willig are here. And we’re talking about our favorite soundtracks. Check below to see how awesome our gift exchange program is!

Episode 78 – Velociraptors Make Great Pets

NPR wishes they had us. Brice is back and Christmas is just around the corner. Another school shooting, but with a sort of happy twist, which is weird to say. Texas is gonna be dangerous. Brice and James have the answer for over crowded prisons, and the ultimate torturer for the CIA is… Sarah Palin? The question of raising and training velociraptors to be good pets is explored at great length.

Episode 77 – The Cj Strikes Back

Brice is out, Chef CJ is in! James and CJ talk Deadpool, and the wise ass mastery that is Ryan Reynolds. Why Gotham sucks, and The Flash and Arrow are two of the best shows ever created. James is slightly threatened by Benedict Cumberbatch. The tragedy that is teasing an anaconda with a tasty human and then taking it away.

Episode 76 – My Lightsaber is Superior To Yours

Prepare for a blast of nerddom. Brice and James have been having a heated debate ever since the new Star Wars trailer dropped over the weekend, and it’s culminated into… well this.  Star Lord Rides with Velociraptors. Hackers have nothing better to do than piss off gamers. Cyber Warfare is the next logical evolution in War. Black Friday blew it.