Episode 82 – THEY MADE ME… (Take 2)

So, we were having this reat show with Big Jim Willig and Dan from Hurkamur when Dan used his powers for evil. So we started over. We’re talking great Music hooks, but that was the first show. This show, there’s still music, but we got into more interesting subjects like…. well, you should really just listen.

Episode 80 – Follow along if you can

James and Brice catch up after the holidays and talk about why they don’t make resolutions. Then this strange conversation starts and goes everywhere. Gambling, CES, action figures, movies… you know, all the basics are covered, but we’re not sure how the topics came up… so….

FVC of Zombeavers

This is Samantha!  I’m back with some local Columbus podcasters.  Nick Nitro from The Good the Bad and the Geeky and the Viking Biker Ryan Estep from Random Subject Generator (RSG) podcast join me as we talk our way through the terrifying misadventures of Zombie Beavers!

Who will survive!?

Oh, and keep watching all the way through the credits… there is a song, no joke a song!