Episode 85 – When The Music Stops, The Tears Start

Big Jim Willig joins us along with our new friend Nick Jackson to talk about the musical Guilty Pleasures that we listened to in high school. This episode was declared a safe zone, but years of being made fun of makes Jim lash out. Just listen, you might even start to feel sorry for the big lug.

Episode 83 – You ever have one of those conversations?

This week starts off like just about any other, but then takes a turn for the philosophical, and never really turns back. A few things touched on… Life out there, Vaccinations, Sarah Palin, Is there a God, Why can’t more celebrities be like the characters they play?


Apparently all this movie could conjure was questions… oh, and a new addition. DRUNK MOM!!!! supposedly the predessecor to the movie Annabelle, this one left us rather unfulfilled, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t crack each other up. Hopefully you’ll find it kind of silly too. Listen for Big Jim choking to death near the end. Priceless.