Episode 94 – The Huggies Express

Big Jim and Samantha meet for the very first time. Everyone’s concerned about the hellspawn Big Jim is about to unleash on the world. Jim discusses what it’s been like expecting his parasite and shaming his girlfriend into saying maybe.

Apologies for the sound quality. Something went horribly awry.

Episode 93 – Blindfolded for the Full Experience

It’s the only way you should watch “50 Shades of Gray”. Seriously. Also, this is a pretty nerdy show. Topics include: Game of Thrones. Marvel should stick with movies, and DC should work solely on TV. Smallville went on WAAAAY too long. Mad Max was entirely under utilized. We have to go because Destiny just dropped its latest DLC.

Episode 92 – Then It Got Awkward

SAMANTHA RETURNS! Or at least she’s on skype, and she’s talking with James and Brice about Avengers, Deadpool, Her huge obsession with The Rock, certain people impersonating her, United Airlines sucks, and Jurassic World is going to be awesome.

Episode 91 – Road Trip Down Memory Lane part 2

Dennis Pittsenbarger of Highway to Sell, hot Rod Radio and Miles Around Radio joins Brice, James and Big Jim once again and entertains the boys with his tail of going from nearly destitute car guy to almost international sensation (using the term in the loosest of meanings).

FVC – Wolf Cop

Samantha and her Mid-West boys are back!  And with an all new First Viewing Commentary of Wolf Cop!  This is a non-stop thrill ride of Wolf Cop kill time and Wolf Cop sexy time and he even has his own car!  Make sure you stick around through the credits for his awesome Wolf Cop Rap.

Sit back and enjoy!