FVC – Willow

Before Big Jim headed East, he had one request, and that was to ruin his childhood. Why he’d ask for that, no one will understand, but as it was his request, James and Brice accommodated him by watching the Ron Howard masterpiece, Willow. Pretty sure Jim regretted his request within moments of the film starting. Also… to any little people out there, we apologize.

Episode 114 – Big Jim’s Not So Fond Farewell

Today ends another chapter in Not Another Podcast History. Today we say farewell to our compatriot Big Jim, who had provided us with so much in the last year alone. Not to mention the entirety of this podcast. Jim heads for Pennsylvania and we send him off with a good selection of road trip song, before making him weep like a little girl with our tribute to his genius, and his epic failures. But we swear that this is not good bye. This is simply farewell. WE LOVE YOU JIM!

Episode 113 – She’s Really Into Weather

The show devolves fairly quickly after the guys discuss the new Star Wars trailer, which is pretty damned epic. The discussion of celebrity crushes gets a little uncomfortable, and everyone is really sad that this is the second to last time Big Jim will be in studio.

Episode 112- Fistory in the Rectory

This is a weird one. The guys continue their ongoing discussion on religion and how it helps and hinders before launching into a really bizarre plan to form their own religion centered on either salt, or Wilfred Brimley.