Episode 139 – The Fears of Fatherhood.

Big Jim is off taking care of his sick kid, and James is back in studio, asking brice if he thinks he’s ready for his own bundle of joy. Something terrible happened while Brice was learning how babies were made. Our Cheeto-in-Chief seems like he’s losing his grip.

Episode 138 – Your Special needs Valentine’s Day

A nice Valentine’s recap from your friends at Not Another Podcast. Also, a whole mess of other garbage sure to make you angry or laugh you sick twisted individuals. oh how we love you!

Episode 137 – Format changes

Big Jim tries to take over the show, but Brice and james aren’t about to let that happen. Things are getting scarier and scarier in Washington. England might have some issues. What does the Salt and Ice Challenge, and Jancum have in common? Their both stupid. Part one of the 2017 movie preview!