Episode 143 – Crisis of News

Continuing on their search for ridiculousness, the guys have found a couple of “Legitimate” news stories from the religious right. This of course leads to another involved discussion about what religion means, and how it’s been mutated by people.

FVC – Kids React to Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Chef CJ had a dilema and she came to James for help. She knew some children who had never seen the classic Killer Klowns From outer Space. James just couldn’t let that go unrectified. The Kids were stunned to silence, but the adults had a good time.

Episode 142 – Build A Wall Around the Sun

This week the guys did some homework, and after a small identity crisis, they dive into some of the more ridiculous “News” articles you can find on well known conservative news websites, proving that just because it’s on the web, doesn’t mean it’s legitimate.

Episode 141 Ejaculaus

The boys are all together again, and the show starts off with the “talent” being a bit diva like. Big Jim’s has compiled a few news stories that are just this side of bizarre, and he’s got some great advice for Brice who is about to become a father for the first time.

Episode 140 – Oi Up Your Battle Axe

Brice is away so James and Big Jim reconnect over their love of 80’s metal.  Everything from the marriage of Classical music and metal, to the poor, poor choices bands made with their album covers. then, Jim gets disconnected and James has to flail while Skype can figure out what it’s doing