This show starts off pretty… well just pretty…. There are no words really. Big Jim can’t say where he is, but he and his team of highly trained mercenaries are keeping us safe from tyranny. Th stories of love and loss, and Jim really needs his own tv show.

Episode 150 – Meat Smith’s Revenge

Jim is a little late to the show today, and Samantha and James are curious as to when it officially becomes stalking? Jim got stalking to work for him. High school romantic failures, and the one that got away…

Episode 149 – We could Hear The Splash

After two weeks we’re back. James, Brice and Samantha. yes Samantha. No Big Jim didn’t have gender re-assingment surgery. So where has she been? What has she been doing. She’s been bettering herself! Well, until The Rock gets mentioned. Trump is in serious trouble again.