Episode 188 – We’ve Got Episodes

James Had some issues with people who can’t grow up. Samantha really wants to plan a road trip through America’s dirtiest named cities and Danny and James think they have the perfect route. The Cheeto in Chief is at it again

Episode 187 – The Show That Got Really Weird

We all blame Brice. His first show back and things just took a weird turn. i don’t even know how to describe it. One minute things were fine, and then we started talking about sex toys and then for some reason, Brice and Samantha could no longer her James and Danny. It was… It was just really weird.

Episode 185 – The Show You Weren’t meant To Hear

Once again, the Internet is trying to prevent us from communicating and it’s no wonder given the main topic of discussion. The Incredibles are murderers. Big Jim brings to attention the death toll in the Incredibles and Jams and Samantha help to show how horrible those superheroes are.