Episode 197 – Furry Packages and Poochiladas

Ok kids, I can’t even begin to figure out how to describe what happened. We got the folks from YouTube’s All Things Z on to talk about puppetry, creating something poignant and relatable and posting on YouTube. Then we got to talk with the characters, and that’s when things went sideways in the best possible way. Enjoy this, and then got over to YouTube and check it out for yourself.



Episode 196 – Bookmark That Pic

Samantha is fresh off another stage show, and this one was something spectacular. Samantha tells the guys all about the process from casting to writing to gaining a director, to baring it all. What makes a halloween costume innappropriate, and why does it need to be a thing in the first place?

Episode 195 – Nanobot Fleshlight

Big Jim is back… which is great because Samantha bailed. Something about a non dress rehearshal… who knows, we weren’t listening. But Jim is back, and that means the discussion gets SEXY! That’s right we’re talking the sexual preferences of superheros! Is Batman really gay? Do Tony Stark’s nanobots service him in his suit? Is Captain America a missionary only man? Also, what’s it going to take to put this country back on the right track?

Episode 194 – Truth Booger

It was a pretty big week, and Samantha James and Danny try and break it down and make sense of it all. That is before trying to invent a new 12 step program for politics, and then figuring out a new subliminal tape and finally discovery why certain people sniff so much. They’re trying to keep in their truth booger.